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April 15, 2014




March 25, 2014

***CLOSURES!!*** Hey everyone...we'd like to let you know that the time has come upon us (the entire Gypsy Rose crew) to fly to a beach, drink booze, and re-charge our tattoo batteries. We will be closed from Tues April 1st-Thurs April 10th (we re-open April 11).

Trust's best for us all ;)



--St. Patricks day piercing special--
We are celebrating this St.Patty's day on the weekend of Saturday March 15th with a
piercing special thats sure to save you some greenWink. While still keeping in the spirit of
St.Patricks day ALL STANDARD piercings will be $17.00 with purchase of in store jewelry!

For example;

nostril piercing with a stud(Nostril screw) for ONLY $47.00+tax or with a ring(cbr)
for only $37.00+tax!!

Tongue, lip, cartilage, eyebrow, napes and many more with a bar for ONLY $57.00+tax!!

This special includes multiple piercings, the more the merrier!
(This excludes Dermal anchors and Genital piercings)

Hope to see you all on the 15th!!
(not applicable with student discount or any other specials/discounts)


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Hey guys!!

We are constantly updating our FB and IG with Tattoos, piercings, deals and events.
You will always be the first to know about our specials and events by staying connected.
For example we will now offer student discounts on all piercings! You must show us your
student ID card (from ANY current educational institution), and we will give you any
standard piercing for just $15 with the in-store purchase of jewelry!!!
(excluding: Dermals, Genitals and industrials) You also MUST have a second piece
of government issued ID.  This and many more deals will be posted to FB and IG so go and hit that like button!!!


WE HAVE MOVED!! Our new location is:

#102, 3132 26 st NE


August 1, 2013

Gypsy Rose is currently seeking a part time/full time walk-in artist. You do not need a clientele, but you need minimum 2 years experience tattooing in a LISCENSED tattoo studio (and…it must be recent).   We are presently a crew of 7, and for the most part we have worked together as a team for 5+ years. We are looking to add a member to the Gypsy Rose family…so if you are not seeking a LONG term spot, we are not for you. We are looking for someone to work a minimum 3 day week taking walk-ins. We offer above average commission, and great medical/dental benefits. All inquiries will be kept in confidence. Please contact Nina at 403-275-9844 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Digital and hard copy portfolio is a MUST.


July 4, 2013


MP and Do will be accepting custom pieces during their short visit...spaces are limited so please get into the studio ASAP to book with either of them!


June 11, 2013

WE HAVE MOVED!! Our new location is:

#102, 3132 26 st NE



May 21, 2013


Please note: we will be closed Wed May 22 and Thurs May 23. The whole shop will be in Edmonton attending education seminars from such tattoo greats as: Bob Tyrell, Nikko, and Bj Betts! We will re-open friday for our LAST WEEK AT THIS LOCATION!!


Also...we will be welcoming some guests artists this July/Aug...stay tuned...


March 22, 2013






January 12, 2013

Hello everyone! Please take note: after 7 years in business, we have decided to increase our rates (effective Feb 1st, 2013). Any work in progress, or already commissionned (so, you've put money down) will be charged at the previously agreed upon rate. Our new shop minimum will be $100.

Joe~ $185/hr
Nina~ $165/hr
Devon~ $165/hr
Kervin~ $150/hr
Dominique $120/hr


December 14, 2012

Going somewhere nice this winter? Don't spend hundreds or even thousands on your tattoos, then skimp out on protecting them in the sun. Don't leave home without:


This is not a wax or film based sunscreen, but rather a BONDING BASED formula which enables UV absorbers to actually interlock with your skin. It will not clog your pores. It is sweat, water and rub proof for up to 4 hrs! It retails for $15.


December 13, 2012


In support of the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, we will once again be holding $20 Tattoo Day! This year, our artists will be creating small design flash sheets for you to choose from. Fingers crossed, we'll all still be here on Wednesday January 2nd, 2013, where you can join us in celebrating our survival of the Mayan Apocalypse! Doors will open at 12 noon, and we will once again be handing out tickets to return to avoid long, cold lines! Dress warm. We will hand out approx. 80 tickets.

What you do: come with Photo ID, $20, and 10 non-perishable food items. Please check our Facebook page leading up to the event so you can choose your design before you arrive! We will not be customizing designs at all this will be strictly limited to our flash sheets and our sizing!! Also, please note that tattoos done on $20 tattoo day do not get a free touch-up!

Please remember this is a charity event! We will work flat out giving fun, simple, clean tattoos and you will support not only a good cause but you are helping your friends and neighbors in Calgary meet their needs for a basic necessity: FOOD. One tattoo per person..bad attitudes need not come!



December 4, 2012

$20 tattoo day will soon be upon us again! Please stay tunes to this and our FB page for details...we will be releasing dates soon! Also, please take note of Christmas/New Years closures:

Sat Dec 22- closing at 7

Sun Dec 23- closed

Mon Dec 24- closed

Tue Dec 25- closed

Wed Dec 26- closed

Thu Dec 27- closed

Mon Dec31- closed

Tue Jan 1- closed  

November 1, 2012

Hey everyone! If you've been waiting to book with Joe, we are officially calling the waiting list and booking for 2013...please be patient if you've left your info...we will get to you in order! Also, please take note that we will soon be posting new tattoo and piercing pricing for and on Facebook. To add to our aftercare collection, Gypsy Rose will soon be retailing tattoo specific sun cream...if you are planning a winter getaway drop in for a bottle! Finally, we will be hosting our 3rd annual $20 tattoo day. The day has been set....keep checking back for more info!


July 31, 2012

Gypsy Rose is proud to announce that we have added a top of the line Statim 5000 autoclave to our sterilization area. We have established and maintained an excellent working relationship with the super busy City of Calgary health inspectors, and particularily over the past few years, have received praise during our inspections for maintaining a superior sterilization process area...and we're not done yet. Our new autoclave is equipped with a memory bank that tracks and stores all of our cycle information. The result? We are as clean as we've alway been, but with computer data to prove it!

As always..thanks to all our loyal awesome clients who clearly have big mouths with nice things to say...'cause we've been BUSY! Be safe..and don't forget your sunscreen!


April 10, 2012

We are back from Cuba and ready to tattoo!! Please note that we have permanently changed our shop hours to our 'winter hours':

Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 12-7

Fri/Sat 12-8

Sun 12-5

And just a reminder that as ALWAYS...we cannot provide appointments or quotations any way other than in person. We apologize for the inconvenience to our out of town clients...but it will be worth the drive/wait! ;)


 March 1, 2012

Gypsy Rose Tattoos now carries 'XALT tattoo Magazine'...this is a Canadian Tattoo Magazine and is published quarterly...come grab your copy today!

$6.50 including GST!


Also, Gypsy Rose will be closed from Monday April 2, 2012 until we re-open on Wednesday April 11,'s vacation time!

January 19, 2012


Thanks to the brave and generous many who came out in the freezing cold and made this day a success! 62 tattoos...2 cars/vans full of kitty and puppy swag, and $1250 to ARF! Also, congrats to our $300 gift certificate winner, Meagan Coolidge...she was turned away at the end of the line two years in a paid off!

January 3, 2012


Help our furry friends $20 tattoo day – MONDAY JAN 16th

Well folks, as most of you know, the world is coming to an end this year so we thought it would be best to help out those who will inherit the earth ;)

Haha.  Ok..seriously.  This year we have chosen to raise items and money for ARF (the Animal Rescue Foundation).   There are all sorts of critters out there who can’t tell us that they are cold, lonely, or hungry and we want to help out the great people who volunteer thanklessly for their cause.

$20 Tattoo Day will be held at Gypsy Rose Tattoos on Monday January 16th, 2012 (we will be closed for regular business that day). The goal of the day is to raise as many donations as possible for ARF, and to do as many fun, SIMPLE, silly, spontaneous and ‘for a good cause’ tattoos as we can. We will have 4 artists donating their time on this day, and we will be handing out 60 tattoo appointment tickets on a first come, first served basis. UNLIKE the event we held last year, there will be a STRICT 2 x 2 inch size limit (though, fitting into the size limit does not guarantee that we can tattoo it). There is no restriction on color, however, designs must be printed to size and be READY TO GO (we will be doing NO ALTERATIONS nor will we be providing any custom design this day). Keep your designs simple...anything we deem to take more than 15 mins will be turned away...NO EXCEPTIONS.

We will start handing out tickets at 9am with the first tattoo starting at 11am. Please dress warm...there is only enough room in the studio for the next appointment.  Bring government issued photo ID, your design, $20 + 2 items off our items list. Also, keep in mind that if we are unable to tattoo you that day for whatever reason,  you will be able to enter to win a $300 g/c from Gypsy Rose (if there are only 50-80 ballots in the box...your chances are pretty good!)
Donatable Items:

Puppy and Kitten food
Dog and Cat food
Rawhide, Beef Rawhide
Pig Ears
Beef Bullies
Clumping Cat Litter
Electric Blankets
Brushes, Toothbrushes or Grooming Supplies
Non-washable toys
Plastic dishes
Wooden, carpet or cardboard cat scratching post
Wooden doghouses or Kennels

December 6, 2011

Our holiday closures will be as follows: Dec 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. We will close at 5pm on Dec 31st, and we will be closed on Jan 1st.

November 23, 2011

Gypsy Rose is now accepting VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX (and Discovery and Diners Club...though we've never seen one in person!).

October 22, 2011

        Effective October 28th, 2011 we will be scaling back hours on Fridays and Saturdays...we will be open on those days from 12-8 during the winter months. Our other hours will remain the same. If you have an appointment booked that runs later than this, we will remain open that day for don't worry!


September 26, 2011

         We hope you've all had an awesome summer! With (dread!) fall and winter just around the corner, we've had a lot of inquiries about  '$20 tattoo day'. This was an event we held last November 20th...we did nearly 100 tattoos in 12 or so hours and raised just shy of 2500lbs of non-perishable food (in conjunction with SHAW cable). So...this year we are asking for your input. Do you know of a worthy cause we could raise items/donations for? The event will probably be planned for Dec/Jan this you have some time! If you have a great idea or a worthy cause, please email us through the site, or 'friend' us on Facebook and suggest your charity!


August 29, 2011

            We'd just like to let everyone know that Nina is fully booked up until her maternity leave (October 5th or so). Nina will still be accepting custom artwork requests, however, you will have to wait until November~end to get your designs from her, and until December (at least) for your tattoo!   Thanks for your patience!    


August 22, 2011

         Based on several inquiries we've had over the summer, we'd like to clarify our policies regarding underage tattooing. Anyone under the age of 18 (so, according to our policies 16 and up) getting a tattoo is underaged. Tattooing of minors is done entirely at the discretion of the call on sizing, art, and placement of the tattoo is up to the artist even where the consenting parent is "okay with it". So, to make our policies on this subject more clear, we will not tattoo minors outside of a standard t-shirt line concerning areas above the waist. There will be no exceptions to this. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may casue, but we hope you understand that we feel it is ethically in the best interests of our young clients and their futures.


July 26, 2011

          Hope you are all having a good summer! Remember to use sunscreen on your and old! We'd also like to mention that until further notice, we will no longer be offering permanent eyeliner and lipliner tattooing, but we will continue to tattoo permanent eyebrows. Thanks!

June 28, 2011

         Welcome to the new site!